How to Buy a Used Piano

Learn about pianos first. I think that most piano buyers are more knowledgeable about their cars, than about pianos! But there's is a cure for that problem. Read Larry Fine's book, The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano. It is the best consumer source for information on buying and owning a piano. You can buy it online from, find it in your local library, or if you are one of my customers, you can borrow my copy. A wealth of information is also available in the online supplement to this book at

Once you have studied Larry Fine's book and online resource, you'll be in a good position as an informed buyer. But still, when buying a used piano you may want additional help. As a fee service, I can go shopping with you to help you evaluate a piano. This service could save you from a costly mistake and give you additional confidence as you make your decision. This service is especially important if the piano you are buying is not in prime playing condition. Beware of ads which state: "All it needs is a tuning"! This may be an indication the piano needs much more than a tuning.