Piano as Self

I work for the piano, and the lone player:
The solitary person rapt in complete gratitude,
Finding self through sound,
Touching the chord, the note, just right;
Seeking the coordinates within;
Yearning for the sound of what is,
What can now become,
What needs and what ought to be.

In those lone moments,
The instrument knows us and completes us.

(We know ourselves together; the piano and I,
Late at night, the piano becoming my self.)

By day I leave secret love notes,
(A touch of the needle, a tiny turn of the pin or screw)
To the six-year-old, playing his first chords,
To Pauline, dancing her last Waltz through these keys we both touched.v To many people I seldom meet,
I leave my hope for their joy.

With that last unison-yes! The piano and I become one.
Again my job is done:
Helping the piano and the player
Becoming each other, together, one.

Ed Sutton, Piano Technician