Reconditioning Begins – 1919 Knabe Grand

May 23, 2011

Its time for a new project. This is a 5′ 8″ Knabe Grand which was originally manufactured in 1919 (Serial Number 87958). I’ve had it in the shop for some time, and have enjoyed playing it as is … but it will be wonderful in a few months! Based on my current evaluation of the piano, I anticipate doing the following:

  • Repair Bridge
  • Replace Bridge Pins
  • Re-guild Plate
  • Clean Soundboard
  • Replace Agraffes
  • Re-String
  • Shape Hammers
  • Replace Dampers
  • Recondition Action
  • Replace keytops
  • Rebush keys
  • Repair Pedal Lyre
  • Refinish case

This piano was once a player piano, but the mechanism is long gone.   Unlike some other manufacturers, this player was placed on a standard size case … so the 5′ 8″ piano has the same string lengths as 5′ 8″ Knabes without the player mechanism.

1919 Knabe – “Before” Pictures — Click on the photo to see more pictures.