Stieff Rebuild – Week 4

March 31, 2015

Keyframe Work

Earlier, I completed woodwork and cleanup on the keyframe. This week, I installed new WNG keypins. I installed 88 keypins for the center rail, but just the 52 pins for the whites on the front rail. This will allow me to cut through the area of the sharps key pins when resurfacing the sides of the white keys. The front rail WNG pins are made with a small diameter insertion shaft which apparently matches current European standards, but requires bushing for classic American applications. This required re-boring the front rail holes for nylon bushings, and subsequently boring the nylon bushings for the insertion of the key pin. That obviously was quite a bit of extra work, but produced a really nice result.

Inserting nylon bushings in front rail with drill press arborPressing in key pins with drill press arborAdjustable angle table for drill press, used for pressing center rail pins at a 95 degree angle

Key bed pinning with Wessel, Nickel and Gross pins

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The front rail got new key bushings. They were bushing close to tolerance, as that will be important when resurfacing the key sides.

Front rail bushed uniformly using Spurlock key bushing caulsAlong the way,some  of the fragile sharp key mortises were replaced with new wood inserts and mortised.

Key bushing

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I prepared a phenolic blank for subsequent use in a jig for resurfacing the key sides. More details will follow. I established 52 equal spacing by subdividing the total width of the keyboard. This was facilitated by creating 64 spacings — something that is easier to divide than 52. Click the photo below for two more related to this preliminary setup for the key surfacing jig:

Phenolic blank is trued up with the routerTrammel points were made to aid in dividing the breadth of the keyboard evenly.Final division showing the width of 64 equal spaces scribed on the blank. (52 will be used)

Key side resurfacing jig in progress

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