Stieff Rebuild – Week 5

April 8, 2015

It was a vacation week! Terri and I enjoyed a few days in sunny California, and since we were near Modesto, we paid a visit to the shop of Dale Erwin. Dale was a gracious host, who shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for rebuilding and belly work. It’s great to have him as a collaborator. Dale will be supplying the soundboard panel for the Stieff. I plan to do the ribbing. Here’s Dale with a soundboard he made for a Steinway D: Dale Erwin with a soundboard he built

While we were on vacation, FedEx was not. A package of handmade tools was waiting for me on my return:

A collection of hand made tools from Dana Mazzaglia

A collection of hand made tools from Dana Mazzaglia

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These tools were made by Dana Mazzaglia. All are used in piano belly work. You go to the head of the class if you can name each and its function.

Despite the vacation, I did squeeze in some time to do work on the key-side resurfacing jig. It’s quite the jig. If these photos do not reveal the ultimate plan … hang on. All secrets of my conniving mind will be revealed. But basically the jig will allow re-dimensioning the width of the white keys to a uniform width with a uniform spacing. A significant step forward in obsessiveness (which I think is justified: the keyboard is the interface for the musician, and these details build success).

Shown below are a few photos of progress on the key side resurfacing jig: