Saga data: Output to spreadsheet

Use this utility to create a spreadsheet of your Saga data.
From your Saga app, request an export in JSON format. (settings: Consume Lifelog data: Export Lifelog: Export Format: Raw Data(JSON))
Upload the file here.
Included in the output spreadsheet will be travel and calendar events.

Ignore travel of less than MPH (This is helpful to filter out the morning walks.)

I tune pianos, and have lots of appointments with mileage to track for IRS purposes. I became intrigued with the Saga android app, because it will automatically track travel. It also integrates with other personal apps. In particular, for this purpose, it integrates with Google Calendar.

I keep all my appointments in Google Calendar. By presenting my calendar info in context with my mileage data, I can easily summarize business travel and personal travel.